Nitro Police Department 497 1st Ave S, P.O. Box 308, Nitro, WV 25143 304.729.8071 304.729.8073

Mission Statement

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It is the mission of the Nitro Police Department and its members to provide the citizens of Nitro with a safe community. The members will accomplish this through proactive policing with an emphasis on service. The safety and security of the citizens and the businesses is of utmost importance to this administration. Our visitors will be met with courtesy and the feeling that the Nitro Police Department is here to make their visit a pleasurable one.

We the members understand that in today’s environment, we must gain the trust of all that live in or visit our city. We are committed to protecting and serving all people without prejudice to anyone for any reason. We will strive to be a vital part of our community in any way necessary to gain trust and understanding. We will strive to be professional in our duties as well as in our private lives as to not sully the reputation of this department or the City of Nitro. We realize that we are and should be held to a higher standard and strive to serve as an example of justice and professionalism.

– Robert L. “Bobby” Eggleton

Chief of Police






Bobby Eggleton Chief

Chris Fleming Major

Brian Oxley Captain

Jason Garbin Captain

Clark Greene Lieutenant

Justin Raynes Lieutenant

Eric Whitney Lieutenant

Chris Hastings Sergeant

H Ray Blake Sergeant

Scott Reekie Sergeant

David Richardson Sergeant

Ben Boggess Patrolman

Mikel Clay Patrolman

Joe Farry Patrolman

Justin Ferrell Patrolman

Michael Fortier Patrolman

Christopher Gullion Patrolman

Matt Haynes Patrolman

Phillip Owens Patrolman

Dee Gaddy Assistant to the Chief of Police / Records Clerk