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The Nitro Police Department is beginning a program for residents to assist the Department in solving crimes in the area. This is a voluntary program where residents can let the Department know if you have surveillance cameras at your residence. By identifying cameras in the area, our Officers will be able to allocate their time and better provide results to investigations.

We are not requesting access to the cameras. We only hope to identify cameras across the city, save the locations and your contact information. This will assist Nitro PD in swiftly addressing crimes in your area when they occur.

If you would like to participate, please leave your NAME, PHYSICAL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS.

Please feel free to email us directly with any questions or concerns at

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Chris Fleming Chief

Jason Garbin Major

Clark Greene Captain

Justin Raynes Lieutenant

Eric Whitney Lieutenant

Chris Hastings Sergeant

H Ray Blake Sergeant

Scott Reekie Sergeant

Ben Boggess Patrolman

Mikel Clay Patrolman

Joe Farry Patrolman

Justin Ferrell Patrolman

Michael Fortier Patrolman

Matt Haynes Patrolman

Phillip Owens Patrolman

Anthony Creighton Patrolman

Dee Gaddy Assistant to the Chief of Police / Records Clerk