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What is Conditional Use?
Conditional Uses are uses that, depending on the circumstances, sometimes fit within the intent of the zoning district and sometimes do not, and therefore require further review by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Because Conditional Uses are uses that require further review, the BZA is allowed to stipulate conditions of an approval in order to enable the use of the land, but also protect the health, safety and welfare of surrounding property owners and residents.

Conditional Use Permit Application

What is an Appeal?
When administrative staff makes a decision regarding the interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance, those affected parties may appeal the decision to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Appeal Application

What is a Variance?
The City of Nitro Zoning Ordinance, when administered to its fullest extent, sometimes creates a hardship on a property due to unforeseen circumstances. In those circumstances, there is a need to deviate from the minimum standards required by the zoning ordinance. A variance is a deviation from the minimum standards of the zoning ordinance and shall not involve permitting land uses that are otherwise prohibited in the zoning district nor shall it involve changing the zoning classification of a parcel of land. As used in the Ordinance, a variance is authorized only for a deviation from the height, bulk, setback, parking or other dimensional requirements established. Establishment or expansion of a use otherwise prohibited shall not be allowed by variance, nor shall a variance be granted because of the presence of Non-Conformities in the Zoning division or district or adjoining zoning division or district.

Variance Application

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